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You will be amazed by the results you can get with Alpina. Alpina is a fresh and innovative Italian brand offering an assortment of high-quality products, perfect to satisfy every gardening requirement at friendly prices. Our exciting and stylish products match ease of use and maneuverability with aesthetics and design.
  • ABL 27V Side right view

    The ABL 27 V is a superior blower/vac powered by a 27.6cc 2 stroke engine producing 0.8kW and featuring a maximum air speed of 72m/second.  Runs on unleaded petrol / 2 stroke oil mix.

  • AL3 41 Li 80V Lawnmower

    Cordless mowers are becoming extremely popular.  The Alpina AL3 41 Li is a hand propelled mower powered by a Lithium-Ion 80V 4Ah battery pack, providing up to an hour of mowing from one single charge and a charge time of only 90 minutes.

    Cutting height is easy to adjust within the 27-80mm range using the four levers with 5 pre-set positions and cuttings are collected in the 60 litre grass collector which also features an indicator to show when it is full.  Alternatively, you can choose to mulch your grass clippings, reducing your mowing time by up to a third.

    Enjoy the calm of mowing with a battery powered machine with greatly reduced vibration, noise and zero emissions.

  • H60

    The Alpina H 60 hedge trimmer is powered by a 24.5cc 2-stroke engine and has 61cm/23.8" double reciprocating blades and a twist-grip 3 position rear handle.

  • C38

    C 38 chainsaw with a 35cm/14" sprocket nose guide bar and powered by a 37.2cc 2-stroke engine with electronic ignition. Features include a double acting chain brake, anti-vibration mountings and primer pump.

  • C41

    This C 41 Chainsaw is powered by a 40.1cc 2-stroke engine with electronic ignition.  Supplied with a 40cm/16" bar, with a .325" chain with a .050" pitch, features include automatic and adjustable chain lubrication, a double acting chain brake, anti-vibration mountings and a primer pump.

  • C46

    This C 46 chainsaw is powered by a 45.0cc engine with electronic ignition and supplied with a 45cm/18" bar, .325" chain .058" pitch and .  Features include automatic and adjustable chain lubrication, a double acting chain brake, anti-vibration mountings and a primer pump.